Petrushka Boxes are sent to family members and loved ones by a betrothed couple when a guest isn't able to attend their special day. My husband and I are using this site to document our process of making our Petrushka Box for family and friends.

Woohoo! This just in. Martha Stewart and Avery have finally collaborated on what looks like a promising line of labels. I think I’m going to order some for my Petrushka Boxes.

Our Papermart boxes just arrived today and the glue dots come tomorrow. Petrushka box crafternooning goes down this weekend!

V. excited.

I’m not sure who’s 30th birthday party in a box came first, but I think this one and the one below are very smart thoughtful gifts to send to loved ones who can’t be there to celebrate a birthday. We love that kind of thing…I mean that’s what a Petrushka Box is all about.

Have you ever made a birthday or party in a box? If so, send pictures.

Here’s one of two birthday party in a boxes that I’ve been looking at. The card says,

Even though you live far away, you can celebrate this fun day.

Throw confetti, blow up balloons and sing happy birthday tuner.

Take a photo and send it his way by Dec. 18, if you want to play!

LOVE this.

When we were planning our wedding (before we decided to elope), we wanted to include these prompts in the wedding invitation. We really liked the idea of including a marbleized balloon and we also liked the idea of people tearing the last page of the invitation booklet to use as confetti. We were thinking: wedding invitation meets Fluxus.

Happy Monday!

The pops are in and they are good! We ordered half red velvet and half lemon cake. They are all covered with cream cheese frosting and then with another layer of white chocolate ganache.


You should have gotten a visual of my cousin Cookie Monster. As I was driving back home, I took a page from his book and started eating the extras cake pops that our Brooklyn-baker friend threw in. Delicious.

Check out this recipe if you want to make cake pops at home. Let me know how it goes.

I’ve been clocking some serious hours on Pinterest in search of party-in-a-box layout inspiration. I found the picture above and really gravitated to the way the box is organized.  Simplicity is key here. When I was mocking up how our box would look, I initially piled everything on top of each other and also wanted to the box to be FULL of schwag. A good friend who spends her days as a graphic designer for a former president’s foundation, set me straight. She told me that less would be more in our case and recommended a similar layout to the one above. My husband and I ended up buying a similar clamshell box that measures 11” x 6-1/2” x 2-3/4”. We purchased them in bulk from Papermart, one of my fave paper and box distributors.

I pick up the cake pops in a couple of days so stay tuned!

My husband and I decided to elope after planning our wedding started to become an unwieldy task. We had a specific amount that we wanted to spend but also wanted to invite a certain amount of people. The two were just not adding up. So, we decided to elope at City Hall in Manhattan. Our solution to not having our family and friends present was the Petrushka Box. Inspired by the Russian Babushka dolls where one surprise leads to another, we are planning for our Petrushka Box to include:

  1. $1, which represented the dollar that we found outside of City Hall
  2. a red Chinese New Year money holder, which held the dollar but also represented the Chinese food we ate after we got married
  3. a cake pop, which represented the dessert table of cake and other desserts that we wanted to have at our wedding
  4. a bag of confetti to represent celebration
  5. a quote by Carl Jung to represent the movie that we saw that afternoon
  6. a picture of us from the day
  7. and a letter announcing that we got married. 

We also want to ask recipients of the box to send back their favorite recipe and answers to one of the following questions:

  1. What should we do during our first year of marriage?
  2. What’s the best marriage advice you’ve ever gotten?
  3. What should we do on date nights? 

Weddings are about two people sharing their union with their community of family and friends. They are also about having their community prepare them for their new life together. We decided that we wouldn’t be able to have these experiences being stressed through the process of planning our day and potentially have debt from hosting it. So, we are making a Petrushka Box, which I think I forgot to mention is my first name.